Sirio Gain-Master

Sirio Gain-Master

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Sirio Gain-Master € 152.47

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Sirio Gain-Master

We can not ship this antenna outside The Netherlands due to the high shipiing costs because of its length.
If you arrange own transportation, or a willing to pay the extra costs, we can ship it maybe.

Technische specificaties:

  • Type: 0.625 ╬╗ center feeded vertical dipole
  • Frequency Range: @ SWR Ôëñ 2.0 25.5 - 30 MHz 400 CB channel 10m ham band
  • Impedance: 50 ╬®
  • Radiation: Omnidirectional
  • Polarization: Linear Vertical
  • Max Gain on the horizon: 1 to 2 dB higher than conventional 5/8 ╬╗
  • Max Power:
    500 Watts (CW) continuous
    1000 Watts (CW) short time
  • Ligthning protection: All metal parts are DC-grounded, the inner conductor shows a DC-short
  • Connector: UHF-female, PTFE insulator gold plated central pin
  • Materials: Whip made of white fiberglass four sections composite tube, radiator made of copper wire and low loss coax cable, stainless steel hardware, anodized AW6060 aluminium, UV stabilized thermoplastic.
  • Wind Resistance: up to 160 Km/h
  • Height: (approx.) 7360mm with bracket, radiator 6850mm
  • Mounting mast: ├ÿ 35-54 mm side mast with ÔÇ£VÔÇØ bolt

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