Danita APA 100

Danita APA 100

  • Merk: Danita
  • Model: Danita APA 100
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  • € 139,99

Danita APA 100 € 139,99

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Danita APA 100

Danita APA-100 Pager. 

Krijg een waarschuwing wanneer iemand door een zone loopt bijvoorbeeld.
O.A. gebruikt door supermarkten die een signaal willen krijgen wanneer iemand de sterke drank afdeling in gaat.

Danita APA-100 is one of the most popular models in the Danita program for paging/calling a person.

The APA-100 transmitter has 4 trig inputs, which lets the pager flash red,yellow,green or running light when a call is received, along with either vibration or a beeping sound. Only one transmitter can be used in a system, but several receivers can de connected, all receiving the same information.

Used for calling a person e.g.:

Alarm and assistance call at clubs and discos.

Unmanned entrances and receptions.

Machine operator in a factory.

Assistance call in a supermarket.

Nursing-home assistance.

Paging from a private mobile radio.

And much more.

The transmitter needs 12VDC.(Power supply is not included.) Trig input must be connected to GND by a push-switch, a relay or other electronics for transmitting a call. The antenna must be mounted free of metal or mounted directly onto a window.


Frequency: 433.920 MHz.

Antenna connector: 50 Ohm BNC.

Combinations: 26 Mill.

Modulation: FM 1.8 KHz dev.

Transmitter: 11-14 VDC, max 100mA.


1 x of transmitter.

1 x of receiver.

1 x antenna.

1 x DV cable.

1 x AA battery


Extra receiver.

Bag for receiver(Carry Case).

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