president Harry-3 ASC

president Harry-3 ASC

  • Brand: President
  • Product Code: TXMU268
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  • € 195.00

president Harry-3 ASC € 195.00

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president Harry-3 ASC

Transceiver CB Mobile, Multi 7 European Standards, ASC, Electret Condenser 6-Pin Microphone.

Long description: 6 European Standards

Configuration EU 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W

Configuration E 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W

Configuration D 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W 80CH

Configuration EC 40CH FM 4W

Configuration U 40CH FM 4W CEPT and UK frequencies

Configuration PL 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W, -5KHz Polish frequencies

Packing includes: Transceiver, microphone, mounting bracket with mounting screws, power cord T3, user manual.


- 40 AM/FM channels

- 6 European standards

- Volume with power ON/OFF control

- Manual and automatic squelch (ASC)

- Multi-functions LCD display

- RF Gain

- Channel selector

- Key Beep function

- Vox function (hands free)

- Hi-cut / NB filters switch

- ANL filter built-in

- Roger Beep

- Channel Scan

- Priority memory channel

- AM/FM mode switch

- Lock function

- Front microphone plug

- Up/Down microphone

- Jack for external speaker

- Jack for external Vox mike


- Width 125 mm

- Height 45 mm

- Depth 150 mm Dimensions without antenna plug and/or heatsink


- Mini mike handfree


Pin 1 = Modulation

Pin 2 = RX

Pin 3 = TX

Pin 4 = -

Pin 5 = Ground

Pin 6 = Power

Supply Replacement Microphone is President Type DNC-520 U/D, President p/n ACFD520 that is compatible with Johnny-2 ASC, Harry-2 or 3 Classic, Harry-2 or 3 ASC, Taylor-2 Classic, Taylor-2 ASC, Johnson-2, Walker.

HANDFREE MICROPHONE FOR VOX OPERATION OF HARRY-3 ASC: GoTo Avera p/n PRES ACDC200 Product Explorer, Category Accessories, Sub Category Microphones.

PDF about the President Harry

Brochure English

user manual

Brand President
Articlenumber TXMU268
Color Black
Transmit and receive
Modulation AM / FM
Transmit power 4 watt
Number of channels 40
Frequency range 26.965 MHz - 27.405 MHz
RF Gain
Mic Gain
Squelsh knob
Automatic Squelsh
Menu functions
Roger Beep
External loudspeaker plug
PA loudspeaker plug
Scan function
Display color Orange
Power 12 - 24 volt
Dimensions L x B X H (cm) 12.5 x 15.0 x 4.5
Dinframe DIN 20

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